food + i

Me at the Fisherman's Wharf snacking on some fresh crab meat

Hey there fellow foodies! 

My name is Ashley, I'm 28, and I love food. Love is a strong word, which is why I decided to exaggerate my love for food even more by adding some extra emphasis so you know how much I mean it. I love making it, eating it, sharing it, experiencing it, and possibly even throwing it at people when I'm in a food fighting frenzy (note to self: this should happen more often, probably).

I grew up in a small town (gosh, doesn't everyone say that?), but seriously, I did. Apex, North Carolina, "the peak of good living," and home to the Apex Cougars high school football team. It's about 20 minutes outside of Raleigh, so it's not like it's out in the middle of nowhere. I can tell you that it does have way more than just 1 stoplight. Maybe I should call it a medium town. I lived there for about 20 years of my life, and will probably consider it 'home' for the rest of my days.

I currently reside in one of the most beautiful cities in the world-- San Francisco, California. It's also known for being one of the best foodie cities... like, ever. I'd have to say out of all the places I've been in my life (which unfortunately isn't a ton, yet), I'd have to agree with that statement. Most of the restaurants I feature on my blog are probably going to be in the Bay Area, but you never know... I may surprise you every now and then.

I started this blog is for a lot of reasons. This blog is a dedication to my super awesome parents who both have a passion for cooking, and have taught me so much of what I know about it. In fact, my entire family has a themed cook off every year to win the Golden Spatula trophy (yes, it's a tangible thing). It's a place where I can share with the world my own creative culinary masterpieces, as well as compile all of my favorite recipes I've collected and prepared from other sources (friends, family, magazines, other food blogs, etc). And lastly, it's a place where I can show off my Foodtogrophy. For those that know me, they know that the majority of what I post on social networking sites is food related, and a picture of said food always corresponds. I am no professional photographer, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I'm creative in pretty much everything I do (thanks for those genes, mom)!

Speaking of genes, I must be fair and thank my genius dad for giving me my nerdy, techie DNA. I work as a user experience/web designer, and really enjoy it. I'm a creative, corporate, culinaire. I'm also a huge fan of alliteration if you can't already tell.

I really look forward to sharing my food experiences with all of you. Enjoy eating, and thanks so much for reading!